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Emergency Window Repairs and Replacement Due to Water Leakage

Sometimes because of poor drainage system and drainpipes water can be collected around the window. Excessive water infiltration around the window implies your exterior window casing is not appropriate. Also, if water is coming through the window, you should get your windows replaced right away.

Count on us to repair the glass of your cabinet, tabletop, or your bathroom’s frameless shower enclosure. Stay safe and call Progress Glass for immediate window replacement or repair. You can trust us to repair or replace windows promptly.

Edmonton’s Trusted Source to Repair Cracked or Broken Glass

Safety is the prime reason to replace or repair a window. If your windows are damaged, warped, or broken, it is the right time for window repairs. In addition to damaged windows, the residents of Edmonton also choose window replacement to get energy-efficient windows or to recover the damage after a bad storm. Single-pane windows can be repaired by the homeowner effectively and affordably. But, if you want to get multi-paned glass repaired, contact us.

Sometimes it’s just time to spruce up your home with a much-needed renovation by customizing your windows to add to your curb appeal. No matter the reason, you can rely on Progress Glass for all your window repairs and replacement needs in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!


Whether you want the windows of your home to be repaired or need office windows to be replaced, rely on the team at Progress Glass. During accidents, small cracks can occur in a glass, which can result into large cracks with time. If there is a crack in the glass on your table's surface or the window of your vehicle, rely on Progress Glass for exceptional window glass replacement and repair services in Edmonton. Listed below are possibilities for glass replacement and repair:

  • Interior water detected near the window area because of water leakage
  • Water condensed inside your double-paned windows thereby making them foggy
  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Broken muntins or mullions
  • Missing or rotting drip cap
  • Poor exterior casing

We can repair or replace:

Our skilled team has the knowledge and experience to repair your window right the first time. We also provide emergency window repair for Edmonton’s homes and offices. Call us to schedule an appointment right away.


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