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cracked window in winter needing replacement window in edmonton

Why you should install your new windows in winter If you’re considering any kind of home renovation, one of the most important questions remains to be: when is the best time to start? At Progress Glass, we install your new windows year-round. Many people don’t realize the benefits of having your Edmonton replacement windows installed during the winter months. Let our experts tell you the advantages of having your windows replaced or repaired this off-season in Edmonton.

Winter is the best time to buy As is the case with most seasonal goods and services, purchasing the materials required for your new window installation will be much less expensive during the off-months of home renovations. Because there is less demand for these services during the winter months, companies like ours are more likely to give you a better price on both the cost of labour and materials. The most popular times to buy windows are during the fall and at the beginning of spring. Furthermore, because of the decrease in demand, there are fewer delays in manufacturing time, delivery and installation. If you choose to have your Edmonton replacement windows installed in the wintertime, expect quicker service and significantly lower prices for your window services in Edmonton. Is winter ideal for installation? Many people choose to have their windows or replacement windows installed in Edmonton during the fall or spring because of the convenience the warm weather provides. But the truth is that there are more advantages to installing your windows in the colder weather. You might think that installation in winter will result in an unsatisfactory job, but as long as the job is performed properly given the colder conditions, installation during the winter might actually be better. Having the job done in harsher conditions will make certain problems more apparent than if it were done in fall or spring and thereby saving you the hassle of going through further repair down the line. Signs of moisture and leaks are much more visible and can be dealt with at the time of installation rather than waiting months and then realizing your windows need to be repaired. Other advantages Having new windows installed during the winter will improve insulation, causing you to pay less on your utilities bill. Your home will be warmer and you won’t have paid an arm and a leg to have it done. At Progress Glass, we’re committed to helping you get the best price on the installation of your windows in Edmonton, Alberta. Contact us today to make an appointment, or visit our website and take a look at the different services we offer. Don’t follow the rest of the crowd, have your windows installed by our experts this winter.

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