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Broken, fractured, splintered glass with large cracks in the very centre of the image.

Has your business recently had a broken window due to criminal activity or an accident? If it has, it might be time to consider safety glass from your local experts on commercial doors and windows in Edmonton. So you can be prepared to deter criminals and give your customers and employees a sense of safety in the workplace, here are some things to know when thinking about upgrading to safety glass:

What is Safety Glass and why is it Important for your Edmonton Business? Both safety and regular commercial door glass are made by heating sand and other elements to extremely high temperatures and then cooling them. What makes safety glass special, however, is the way in which the basic materials are heated and cooled. Safety glass must go through a unique cooling process after being heated that allows it to set in a way that changes its structure, making it four to five times stronger than regular glass. There are variations on this process that produce different kinds of strengthened glass, but they all rely on the same basic principles. The other main advantage the security glass offers is that if, by some chance, someone is able to break the glass, it will break in a much safer way. Rather than the big, jagged pieces regular commercial glass breaks into, safety glass will break into smaller, safer pieces, putting the people in the area at less risk of injury. Because safety glass is so tough, it has to be cut into its final shape before the final cooling process, making it a bit tougher to work with and more expensive than regular commercial glass. When Should I consider Safety Glass for my Edmonton Business? Safety glass is mainly used when strength, safety, and heat are at issue. You’ve probably already seen safety glass in action as many car windows are now made with it. If you’ve ever seen a car window break, you know that it isn’t like in the movies. Rather than the Hollywood explosion of glass, car windows are hard to break and when they do, they don’t scatter large pieces everywhere. You may want to consider safety glass commercial doors if any of your Edmonton business’s windows fall into these categories: • Windows need to be bullet resistant • Your business needs glass security walls • Security doors are made of glass • Your business needs frosted privacy glass walls • Outward facing windows undergo extreme temperatures Progress Glass Co. Ltd is an expert in commercial glass for both windows and doors in the Edmonton area. Contact us today to learn more about commercial glass, our safety glass products, or our emergency commercial glass repair services.

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