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Glass is a popular material in today's commercial designs as it can serve both a functional and a decorative purpose. It's easy to maintain, easy to clean, and, because glass is non-porous, it isn't susceptible to mold. Glass improvements can even enhance the energy efficiency of your commercial space. At Progress Glass, we have completed many projects installing commercial windows and glass for businesses in the Edmonton area. Here are some of our top suggestions for how to improve your commercial space with glass.

Glass Storefronts Just about any retail business in Edmonton can benefit from quality glass storefronts. A glass storefront will let potential shoppers see your merchandise and give you a chance to advertise your store with a window display. Even offices and other kinds of commercial facilities might want to create a window display or offer a view into their space. Curtain Walls Curtain walls are among the most popular types of commercial windows today, dominating much of the downtown Edmonton skyline. Because they aren't load-bearing, curtain walls and panels can be designed purely with aesthetics and comfort in mind. Installed with an air-tight fit and capable of reflecting UV light, curtain walls can make your commercial space more comfortable and energy efficient. Glass Doors Your business' entryway is all about creating a functional and welcoming first point of contact with customers and clients. Glass doors not only look sleek and elegant, but they are built to last. A glass door is a fantastic option for shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, offices, and many other commercial spaces. Glass Walls Interior glass walls make it easy to divide a commercial space such as an office into different areas while still allowing the space to feel open and less enclosed. They let natural light flow through the space while stopping any unwanted sounds and noises. Glass Railings Sometimes, rather than glass walls, a space may be better suited to the installation of commercial glass railings. Glass railings can be used for applications such as stairways and commercial patios. They also make it easy to set boundaries between any spaces that need to remain open but properly defined. Privacy Glass Privacy glass is the ideal choice when you want to let natural light into a commercial space without allowing customers or passersby to see directly inside. Many types of privacy glass can also provide enhanced security and are a great choice for fast food service windows, ticket and cashier windows, and privacy panels in banks. Quality Commercial Glass Installation in Edmonton Is it time to revamp the look and function of your business property with new commercial windows and glass? You can call on Progress Glass for high-quality commercial interior and exterior glass improvements, including curtain wall installation on small-scale commercial buildings. All of our installation work is done with an eye to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our wide array of services ensures that we can meet all of your glass needs. To find out more about our commercial glass services, just contact Progress Glass today.

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