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Cracked pane of glass

People are often under the impression that once windows are installed, they can forget about them. Unfortunately this is not the case. To ensure they last, windows and glass doors need to be properly inspected and verified for wear and tear.

However, even the most diligent property owner may be confronted with damage and may need replacement windows or glass repair for their Edmonton home or business. Here are some important signs to look out for when checking your windows for signs of damage: Damaged frames If the frame of a window is fractured, warped or broken, then it needs to be replaced. Such damage can lead to an assortment of difficulties. Primarily, a compromised frame can prevent you from properly opening and closing the accompanying window or door. Alternatively, if you feel a draft, this could indicate a problem with the insulation. Finally, the appearance of fog on the glass signifies that moisture is getting through the weather stripping. Replacing the weather stripping usually rectifies this problem. Fractured glass If the glass cracks but doesn’t break, having it fixed or replaced is vital. Even a small crack in the glass could weaken the structural integrity of the entire pane. It could potentially shatter from the stress or the outside temperature could lead to further fracturing. Cracked glass can be very dangerous and in a worst-case scenario, can even cause fatal injuries. Signs of Condensation A broken double-paned window will often look like it has condensation or fog building up within the glass panes. In most cases, the panes will need to be replaced. Alternatively, holes can be drilled in the outer glass pane and the cleaned from the inside to remove the condensation. Vents can then be installed to prevent more moisture from building up. This method of repair is controversial, as the window can never be restored to its original integrity. Speak with our team of experts to discuss the safest and most cost-effective option for your Edmonton home. Lack of energy efficiency Having drafty windows can increase your heating bill by up to 25% annually. Some older buildings and homes may still have single pane windows. These types of windows are no longer recommended as they don’t offer sufficient insulation. If your older property has single pane windows, consider replacement windows and visit our Edmonton or Spruce Grove store locations to view the many energy efficient options currently available. A few notes about skylights Many homes and businesses in Alberta have skylights and keeping them in good repair condition is also essential.

  • Regular maintenance for skylights involves washing the glass and performing leak checks regularly.

  • Cleaning your skylight on hot days should be avoided and we recommend that you don’t use abrasive cleansers to clean your skylight. Doing so is likely to leave small scratches on the glass. Instead, use your preferred glass cleaner or use a natural solution of equal parts vinegar and water.

  • For your leak test, check the surrounding drywall for any seepage, discoloration or bulging. Should you notice any of these symptoms, consult one of our professionals for repair or replacement.

Progress Glass: Your Edmonton Glass Experts If you have a residential or commercial property in the Edmonton area and suspect that your windows need repairing or replacing, give us a call at Progress Glass. Our skilled and friendly staff can assist you with all of your glass needs.

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