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Getting a new front door for your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways of adding real value to your property at a very affordable price. It's a great first step in a whole-home remodel or simply a worthwhile investment in its own right. At Progress Glass, we provide window and door replacement in Edmonton for homeowners looking to give their facade a facelift. Here are four of the main benefits of choosing a quality new front door.

Security The front door is the most common point of entry during a residential break and enter. If your door is old and damaged, it will be less likely to resist a security threat. An older door can actually become a likelier target for burglaries. Getting a new door is one of the simplest but most important ways to enhance your Edmonton home security. You may also need to upgrade to a new door if you plan to get a new security system installed in your home, as older doors are not always compatible with newer systems. Energy Efficiency Energy-efficient windows and doors are key to keeping your heating and cooling costs down. A drafty door allows for significant air exchange with the outdoors, forcing your air conditioner or furnace to work harder. By improving your energy efficiency, a new door will also enhance your home comfort, making it a more enjoyable place to spend time. Best of all, by saving you money on your energy bills every month, a new door will eventually pay for itself. Curb Appeal Your front door plays an important role in your home's curb appeal, as it is the focal point of your home's exterior. An old and worn door will detract from your siding and other exterior features while a new door can help tie the look of your home's exterior together. To really enhance your home's curb appeal, you can customize the colour, finish, and hardware of your door so that it reflects your personal taste. Home Value The greater security, improved energy efficiency, and better curb appeal provided by a brand new door will all combine to increase the resale value of your home. While it may be one of the smaller home improvements you can make, a new front door can play an important role in drawing prospective buyers inside, where they can also find out about your home's fantastic security and energy efficiency. New Residential Windows and Doors in Edmonton You deserve a home that provides you with security, won't cost you a fortune in energy bills, and offers a great resale value. Progress Glass installs custom windows and doors in Edmonton that can be designed to suit your style and preferences. We use Energy Star products for maximum energy efficiency. You can trust our professionals to get the job done at the best cost and with the most expertise. For a free, in-home estimate on your brand new front door, don't hesitate to contact Progress Glass today.

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