Glass maintenance in Edmonton Alberta

How to Clean and Maintain Commercial Glass

Quality glass is an easy way to upgrade the look of your commercial space and enhance the overall functionality of your Edmonton business, leaving a good impression on clients and customers. Once installed, commercial glass is also very simple and easy to maintain. The commercial glass installers at Edmonton's Progress Glass have put together some helpful tips for glass maintenance and cleaning that will keep your windows, doors, and office glass sparkling like new.

Glass Cleaning Solutions and Materials

Everyday glass maintenance for glass storefronts and office glass requires only a few basic cleaning tools. The best solutions for glass cleaning are mild soap and water, a vinegar-based cleaner, or a mild and non-abrasive commercial cleaning solution. Avoid using cleaning solutions that contain ammonia or alcohol, as these can cause streaking.

Glass should only be wiped with a soft, lint- and grit-free cloth such as a microfiber cloth. Make sure you never use metal tools such as scrapers, putty knives, or razor blades to clean commercial glass, as it could easily result in scratches and other damage.

Proper Glass Cleaning Technique

With the right materials, glass cleaning is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps:

• Apply your cleaning solution uniformly to the glass surface either by spraying it on or by saturating a cloth with the solution.
• Wipe the glass using light pressure in a circular motion, cleaning large areas of the glass at a time rather than focusing only on smaller spots.
• For windows or office glass, it is best to start cleaning at the top and work your way down. This will prevent streaking and solution running down onto glass that has already been cleaned.
• To remove visible dirt and smudges, simply apply a little extra solution and pressure.
• Dry and polish the glass using a clean and dry microfiber cloth, using additional cloths for a larger glass surface if need be.

What to Do About Cracked or Broken Commercial Glass

Cracked and broken commercial glass should be repaired or replaced by an Edmonton glass repair and replacement professional as soon as possible. Not only is it aesthetically unappealing, but it also poses a significant safety hazard. Cracks can grow over time and exposed edges or broken glass shards can result in injury to employees and customers. Broken exterior glass poses a security risk as well. If any of your windows or office glass have suffered damage and become cracked, broken, or warped, then it's best to have a qualified professional take a look.

Commercial Glass Repair in Edmonton Done Right

When Edmonton businesses require commercial glass installation and commercial glass repair, they turn to the experts at Progress Glass. We know that being able to resume everyday operations is important to you, which is why our highly trained technicians will get it right the first time. From windows and doors to commercial office glass, we have the tools and techniques to perform effective repairs.

For quick and quality commercial glass repair or replacement in Edmonton, don't hesitate to contact Progress Glass today.