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Your home and vehicle are two of your biggest investments in life. Take care and invest in them with services from Progress Glass Co. Ltd. We are your complete glass shop, providing residential, commercial, and auto glass solutions for all your needs. We work mostly on residential and auto glass—the experts to call when you need glass repairs or installation for your home or vehicle.
Contact us today for a free in-home estimate and written quote, as well as 24/7 commercial glass repair services.
Invest in Your Home & Vehicle
Protect and invest in your personal property with Progress Glass. We provide fine workmanship from licensed, bonded, and insured journeymen who pay close attention to detail. The result is workmanship of the highest quality. The investment into your residential or auto glass will be a decision that will provide great returns.
Energy Efficient
Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, high quality glass increases the value of your property. Not only is new glass pristine and beautiful, the Energy Star products that we carry will help trim your utility bills while protecting your home and preserving the environment.
Warranty & Guarantee
Progress Glass provides a warranty on our glass service and installation. Our fine products are backed by manufacturers’ warranties and we install all glass according to stringent specifications.